Your report center in your Google AdWords management account will be your best friend when you have to make critical decisions. Continuing on with our last blog, which talked about the basics of what you get when you activate Google AdWords conversion tracking, we will discuss the report center and how it will help in these decisions.
The report center in your Google AdWords management account gives detailed and specific conversion tracking information. You can create custom reports that will get you any conversion statistics that you will need like number of transactions, conversion rate, cost per transaction, and the related keywords that brought in these numbers. This is extremely important, and if you are to take anything away from this blog this is it. You must evaluate your keywords, because what you believe to work is not necessarily the truth, and you could cost your business a lot of advertising dollars that could be spent in better places. The careful evaluation of your actual conversions is the key to making your Google AdWords marketing optimized.
After you have created a custom report with the conversion tracking metrics you would like to track, you can evaluate the performance of your Google AdWords account. Conversion rate and cost per conversion are important numbers, but each individual conversion can lead to other transactions or they may come back later and purchase more items. So take a look at your transactions and cost per transaction as they may serve you better, since acquiring regular customers is more important than one conversion. Tracking these transactions will let you know how effective your advertising is along with the effectiveness of your site and product values.
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