Every company wants the best results from their Google AdWords campaign and in order to do that, it’s important to constantly optimize your campaigns to make sure they’re performing to their best potential.
Tips to improve your Google AdWords campaign performance
Organize your Google AdWords campaigns by topic. 
Creating a separate campaign for each of your product lines, resources or brands will help make monitoring your advertising and making any adjustments to improve your campaign performance really easy.
Target the right languages and locations. For each Google AdWords campaign, you can choose to target your ads to specific languages and locations. Make sure you’re only targeting the languages and locations relevant to your business.
Create highly specific ad groups. With your Google AdWords campaign, it’s important that each ad group centers on a single product or service to make sure your ads are reaching the most qualified users.
Avoid duplicate keywords across ad groups. 
 Google will show only one ad per advertiser on a certain keywords, so there’s no need for having duplicate keywords in different ad groups or campaigns. Duplicate keywords would just compete against each other and the keyword that performs the best will trigger your ad.