Setting up Your Google AdWords Campaign
Creating a Google AdWords campaign is an important step for activating an AdWords account. Here are a few helpful tips to creating an effective and successful Google AdWords campaign:

  • Stick to one main goal for your campaign. For example, to increase signups or selling more items of a certain product. If you have multiple goals, you can always create additional campaigns.
  • Keep in mind who your audience will be. Target only the locations where you offer services and target the language in which your ads are written.
  • Split each campaign into ad groups. Your Google AdWords campaign needs to be organized and each ad group should have one theme.
  • Pick the right keywords and placements for your advertising goals. The keyword and placement tools in your Google AdWords account will help with this task.

Once your Google AdWords campaign has been creates, it’s best to check its performance on a regular bases and make any adjustments when necessary.