Your content and target audience of your ad in your Google AdWords campaign is the most important thing when trying to bring in potential customers. When your ads are clear, specific and compelling, then more people will want to click on them.
Important Parts of an Ad
There are several parts that make up each ad in your Google AdWords campaign:
Your headline is the first line of your ad and will link back to your website. The best headlines will relate directly to the keywords being searched, so it’s important to include at least one of your keywords in the headline.
Use two lines of text to describe the product or service you’re offering or advertising. Your ad space is limited, so use important detail and benefits of your product or service.
You will have a destination URL set, but it won’t be visible in your ad. This URL, or landing page, will be the exact page within your site where you want to send users to directly from your ad. It’s important to pick the page of your website that’s the most relevant to the product or service in your ad.