With Google AdWords each advertiser looks at success differently based on your business goals. There are a few things to look for when it comes to figuring out whether your ads and keywords are performing well.
To measure your success with keywords, it’s important to understanding how monitoring keywords work.
Keyword Status: Go to your keywords tab to see a keyword performance overview and to check out the status of each of the keywords being used in your Google AdWords campaign. In order for your keywords to be eligible to triggers ads, the status will say “eligible.”
Clickthrough Rate: CTR is the most important metric used to determine the success of your keyword. Your CTR can be found on the keywords tab in your Google AdWords account. If your keywords are below a 1% on the CTR, then they are too general, but can easily be fixed on Google and the Search Network by deleting those keywords and using more specific and targeted keywords instead.
Quality Score: This part of your Google AdWords account displays your keyword’s quality score that helps you monitor its performance.
Search Query Reports: On every keywords tab, there will be the actual search terms that are bringing in traffic to your ads. To pull a full report, click “see search terms”. This information is used to determine which keywords in your Google AdWords campaign are the most successful.