Your content and target audience of your ad in your Google AdWords campaign is the most important thing when trying to bring in potential customers. When your ads are clear, specific and compelling, then more people will want to click on them.

Ad position on the page
Now that you’ve got your ad to your targeted audience, the position of your ad on the page will be based on its Ad Rank. The ad that has the highest Ad Rank will appear in the first position and so on. Ad Rank on search results page will be based on your keyword’s Quality Score and cost per click (CPC).

Where and to whom your ad can appear
You can decide where on the web you want your ad to appear, as long as it’s on Google search results pages or relevant websites across the Google Network. In your Google AdWordsaccount, you can also control who sees your ad by targeting your ad to a certain audience through keywords, language, country or region.