The first step in having an effective Google AdWords campaign is to have clear, well-written and specific ad text that will highlight what sets your product or service apart from your competition.
Create simple and enticing ads. Show what makes your product or service stand out. Highlight these key-differentiating points in your ad. Make sure you describe any features that are unique or promotions you’re offering.
Always include prices and promotions. The more information about the product a user can get from your ad text, the better.
Use a strong call-to-action. Your ad needs to convey a call-to-action with the benefits of your product or service.
Include one of your keywords in your ad text. Use the best performing keyword in that ad group and include that in your ad text, especially in the title. When a user types in that keyword and sees your ad, the keyword phrase is going to appear in bold font within your ad on Google. This will help draw in a user’s attention to you ad and shows them that your ad relates to their search.

Choose the best URL destination. Take a look at the site you’re advertising and find the best page that has the information or product described in your ad. If users are unable to find what’s being promised as soon as they arrive to the site, they’ll more than likely leave the site.
Just following a few simples step in creative effective ads can really help your Google AdWords campaign succeed and beat out your competition.