After you have logged into you Google AdWords advertising account by entering your email address and password you will notice that you have 4 tabs at the top. They are campaign management, reports, analytics and my account. Each can have one or more sub accounts, and will be listed underneath the main tab once it is clicked. Now if you have a signed up to be a Google AdWords Professional, you will notice that you also have a pro center tab, but for the most part most Google AdWords advertising accounts will only have the 4 tabs.
Let’s take a look at what information each of these tabs offer you when you are advertising on Google.
1. Campaign management – Here you will see a summary of how your account is performing. There are also some great tools that are offered to you to help make the account run more efficiently, and you can edit your campaign and ads throughout this tab. The sub section that you will use the most is campaign summary, which will allow you to see the campaign details along with the corresponding ad groups once you click into the google advertising campaign.
2. Reports – Here you can create reports based on your account. Very important section as you need to know how the account is performing, and there are many reports to give you as much detail as you would like.
3. Analytics – Google analytics is a free tool that will let you know your website performance and rate on investment (ROI) with an easy laid out platform. You will know where your traffic is coming from, where they go, and how much time is spent on the site and/or web pages.
4. My Account – Here is where your billing information is located, along with account login information. Here you can see when you have been billed, along with updating your credit card if needed. This is also the area where you can allow access into your pay per click management account, and disable access too.
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