The Google AdWords link policy pertains to the display URL and destination URL, and more specifically how your website performs once someone is on there. Now when we say perform, that could mean a lot of things, but here we are talking about functionality with your Google AdWords advertising and website.
First off your display URL should give potential customers a clear idea of where they are going once they click your ad. Don’t sell books and say you are or sell insurance and be Google AdWords advertising will stop the ad your are running, which means unless you have another ad with the correct URL, you are not showing.
Now let’s say your display URL is fine, but your destination URL is not. Is the page they are landing on not working or under construction? If so, you are paying for clicks that are useless. Also make sure that you don’t need a program to open the page.
Now once they are on the page, is there a pop-up? If you do, you can get around the Google AdWords marketing editorial team for a little while, but you will get caught, and your ad will be disapproved. Pop-ups are annoying and most people have software to stop them anyhow, so don’t use them.
Make sure the back button works once customers are on your site. The customer should make it back to where the Google ads are located within one or two clicks. If not your AdWords management services are going to be disapproved again. Remember not to mislead customers.
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