Google is working towards giving more credibility to AdWords ads by using testimonials from respected brands or people users trust as endorsements. They are making this feature available for any general advertiser and will allow them to include these testimonials in their ads.

According to Google, “Seeing a review from a reputable source gives users valuable information that builds trust in your business. We’ve already seen an enthusiastic response to review extensions and many of the advertisers who have implemented them have seen impressive results.” One company who uses this feature in Google AdWords is Airline El Al, who claims to have seen a 10% increase in click through rate since using these extensions.

Those who use Google AdWords will be able to start using this new feature starting in the next few days. Its a simple process to use and once the appropriate campaign is clicked, a review or quote will need to be made for the ad and Google will have to approve the text, which can take up to a few days.
Google has also made some changes to its terms allowing services to use a users’ profile picture and name as a form of advertisement for products. This has been a previous blog topic that we have written about in the past entitled Google Can Now Use Your Face In Ads. Google seems to think that this will add more credibility to ads because people are more likely to trust what their friends have to say rather than other businesses.
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