The world is getting serious about mobile ads. And that’s probably because advertisers see the future of traffic going to mobile phones or iPads. But, since a phone is smaller than a desktop or laptop browser, how do traditional sidebar ads work?
They don’t. But, how they will is already happening. Google’s AdMob is currently running advertising partnerships with different content providers. And the idea is that an effective mobile advertising is going to have to be full screen, or nearly full screen. But, the benefit of an interstitial ad is that the user can choose to close the ad at any time.
Plus, if the future is in free apps, then serious apps could remain free as long as the provider capitalized on some advertising revenue. And this advertisement could quickly run during the app’s “loading” stage. AdMob is already running these interstitial ads for dozens of brands, including Seattle’s Best Coffee.
So from an image campaign standpoint, the user will still see your ad. From a user experience, they love the choice of being able to close it. And from an advertiser standpoint, their new job is to create compelling interactive creative.