Last week, we at Windy City Strategies reported on Google’s new URL shortener site,
It turns out that there’s a really cool QR code feature built into these shortened URLs that many aren’t familiar with. In fact, many users might not even be familiar with QR codes in general.
A QR code is a two dimensional bar code that can be scanned utilizing your smartphone’s camera. So, on printed pieces, rather than requiring your customer to remember your long vanity URL, they can simply scan your QR code image on the fly and be taken to your landing page, coupon, mobile application installation instructions, etc.
So, let’s try this. is a shortened link of our main site, Windy City Strategies. Now, if you simply add .qr to the end of this shortened URL,, you will get the QR image of our site. So, simply add .qr at the end of your shortened links, and have fun! Pretty cool?