GoDaddy has become synonymous with domain registration and web hosting. They’re the biggest. They’re the most well-known. And all of those factors mean that someone is willing to pay $1 billion to have what they have.
GoDaddy has officially put themselves up for sale, and industry experts believe that the auction process could result in a sale price around a 1-billion dollar valuation. Investment banking firm, Qatalyst Partners, is going to be managing the auction itself.
In 2006, GoDaddy registered with the SEC to become a publicly traded company, but later withdrew its filing. Perhaps it’s because they realized they could sell the company straight out for a cool billion?
Yet, this valuation may even be a low-ball, considering that GoDaddy reportedly brought in nearly $800 million in revenue in 2009. While the final price tag may be interesting, current GoDaddy users are more nervous about what’s going to happen to them if their Websites are soon to be in someone else’s hands.