How to Minimize Negative SEO

Negative SEO is a lot more art than science.  Making someone else “look bad” requires looking at their individual situation and identifying weaknesses.  However, there are some general tips you can take to minimize the amount of bad and low quality links your site will get, and stop handing things out on a silver platter.

RSS Advertising Links

RSS links are never strong and low quality at best.  Google usually ignored and discounted them.  Due to Google’s new lower threshold for negative links creating problems, it is recommended not to use this technique.

DMCA Take-down Notices

You don’t need to spend all of your time engaging in the pursuit of DMCA justice; just take care of the biggest offenders every 3-6 months.

Who Can Help

Windy City Strategies knows how to navigate the internet.  Being an internet marketing company, we specialize in SEO and other techniques to increase your listing, gaining more traffic to your website.  Unlike regular internet marketing firms, Windy City Strategies knows how to make your negative reviews a thing of the past!

The Overview

  • Understand Google’s algorithm is changing and sometimes you will need to adapt to accommodate those changes.

  • Stop making theft of your content easy.  Realize you can’t prevent it 100% but stop handing it to people on a silver platter.

  • Stop automatically manufacturing low quality links:  They will probably do more harm than good.

  • DMCA violations:  Go after the biggest offenders every few months.

  • Do everything within your power to resist the temptation to avoid low quality links.  Everyone gets them and it is unavoidable, but don’t encourage the practice.

  • Find an internet marketing company to help you with your site.