Jonathan Stark’s social media experiment has taken an interesting turn.
What happened was that he put a picture of his Starbucks card online. So, anyone in the world could use that photo with Starbuck’s barcode scan technology to help themselves to a free cup of coffee – on Jonathan (and whoever else wanted to help.)
So, the card would get depleted. And he would tweet on Twitter that the card was empty. And people would step in to help refill it. Again and again. Reportedly, over $10,000 of transactions took place within the last week – causing the world to collectively smile at the goodness of humanity.
And then, a twist. A man named Sam Odio has bragged about hacking into the card, saying that he was able to transfer more than $600 onto his own Starbucks card. Then, to put yet another crazy twist to the story. He claims that he is giving the money to help feed African children, since that’s a better use of “generosity” than helping “yuppies get Starbucks.” Since this came out, Starbucks has shut down the card.
It’s an incredibly story that’s turning incredibly weird by the moment.