Now we’re getting to the really useful features of geolocation. Your friend calls you up and says, you wouldn’t believe who I saw at Barnes & Noble last night. Eddie Vedder! He was doing a CD signing, and I didn’t even know about it. You’re incredibly disappointed and vow that will never happen again.
Flowd is a geolocation app hoping to facilitate connections between fans and bands. Now, the idea behind Flowd is that it would serve as a Foursquare equivalent for use at a show. The band would plug in there concert tour into Google Maps. And then you can check in to the local venue. Connect with other people there. Make comments, etc. Why doesn’t this just become a FourSquare feature rather than a separate application? Yeah, good point. It probably will.
But I think there’s a huge benefit here for celebrities we’re not seeing. Let’s say you and your band feel like going bowling. “Pearl Jam” just checked in to Lucky Lanes in DuBuque, Iowa.
All your local fans who follow you rush to the bowling alley for a quick meet and bowl with the band. It’s a fan appreciation surprise party, made possible through geolocation.