Ever since Steve Jobs and Apple have publicly declared their support for HTML5, there have been a lot of voices defending Flash, including owning entity, Adobe.
To catch you up to speed, the hedge of this controversy is that Flash isn’t ideally suited for mobile technology. But Adobe believes that Flash and HTML5 can live side by side as the Web continues to evolve. And specifically, they argue that flash is still the best possible option for desktop computers. And yes, I think right now, most people would agree with that. But that’s the point. HTML5 works better on mobile, the next big evolution in Web design. So, why not just learn the language that’s going to work there, when it can work everywhere? Why keep two technologies going when one can do everything?
The reality is, the future is so hard to predict. The evolution of technology. The evolution of consumer use. So, picking winners is a gamble. And Apple is gambling – putting their money into HTML5’s basket.