Are you using remarketing to target your customers? One year ago, Google released the ad offering. Here was the idea. What if you could pitch your ads across the Google Display Network, only to those customers who have already visited your website? In short, what if you could eliminate ad waste, and hyper-target your advertising efforts only to those who, at least at one time, had an intrinsic interest in your offering. That was the promise of Google Remarketing. And one year later, Google is telling us how the experiment is panning out.
Yankee Candle has increased conversion rates by 600% and cut cost-per-conversion in half. Lenovo PC has increased their sales by 20%, while lowering their expense-to-revenue ratio by 14%. And doubled their click-through-rate at a 75% lower cost-per-click. In general, Google claims that remarketing brings in nearly 2x the revenue as other display ads. How can you afford to ignore this any longer?