Link building can be a quite a hassle very time consuming.  Anyone who has ever attempted to link to more than 40 sites within an hour understands how difficult and slow link building really is.  Those people also know how extremely beneficial link building is for business.  If you are new to link building, you have a long road ahead of you.  With precision and a lot of time on your hands, you can scout out the most beneficial sites to link to for your business.

Ask yourself:  What kind of websites do you want to discover?

Make sure the sites you are considering are high quality.

Look for sites that are:

  • Highly authoritative.  The people that run these sites know their stuff.  That means there is no way any spammy links are passing by them!  Authoritative people and sites are worthy of building a relationship with.

  • Seen as trustworthy.  Trust is an obvious factor.  No one wants their link on a website full of spam.  Would you?

  • Sites you want to be associated with.  Much along the lines of authoritative and trustworthy, one of the biggest things to keep in mind when you are researching websites to build relationships with are your reasons for being associated with them.

  • Popular with competitors.  You want to be listed on the same sites as your competitors.  This way you have a better chance at being chosen before them on the sites they cherish and bring them business.  Then next thing you know, their customers are now yours!

Windy City Strategiessearch engine optimization provides many ways, including link building, to increase the traffic on your website.  That will ultimately increase the amount of customers you have, making your business soar!  With strategies like and easy pay per click management, your business will reach its full potential.