Android users can expect a new way to get around the Web should debut this year. Jay Sullivan, Vice President of Mobile at Mozilla, has indicated that Firefox Mobile for Android will be available sometime this year.
The nonexistence of this product might have troubled some fans of Mozilla and Google fans were not happy about the product not existing just yet and it’s not secret that these two companies have been growing apart since Chrome came out and Mozilla’s director of community development endorsed Bing over Google.
Sullivan, who’s worked at Mozilla for about two and a half years, told Gareth Beavers that the big challenge with Firefox Mobile for Android was the rift between C and C++ code and Java.
He seems pretty happy about Android and about what Mozilla has in the works. “It’s a modern OS, and it’s a great fit with us,” Sullivan said. “It’s the type of platform that has a high affinity with the early adopter, and it’s seen a lot of uptake.”
Expect to see Firefox Mobile for Android “late this year.”