The search for a quality SEO agency is perilous. You never know if you’ll see eye-to-eye on essential things like budget, timeframe, and more. Windy City Strategies suggests the following steps to ease your business’s search while looking to hire an SEO agency.
1. Determine Your Budget: When looking for an SEO agent, your business should be upfront about your budget. Letting your SEO agency know your business’s budget and basic and essential industry information. Know what your business can afford and determine what each agency can do with your budget. You also have to be aware of the timeframe your business will be looking at.
2. Build Your Business’s Choices: Use nearby resources first – other business owners, fellow industry people, and other reputable industry leaders online. There’s a plethora of SEO agencies out there, and figuring out their worth is tough. Stake them out by reading reviews, understanding their mission statement, and seeing how they interact with the public.
3. Avoid Sales People: Sales people are meant to sell the product no matter what. Try to talk to someone you’ll be working with day to day before signing the contract. Understand how they work within their industry and see if your business’s goals align with theirs. Project leaders will also be able to tell you about past projects similar to yours. You can also determine their communication style and efficiency.
4. Work Out a Contract: Patience is necessary in Internet marketing; results in SEO can take usually 8 to 12 weeks. Our contracts go month to month, giving our clients time to evaluate successes along the way. Non-disclosure agreements give your business more ability to share information and protects you from competitors.
Finding your business’s perfect SEO agency is tough. Windy City Strategies will help your business succeed online, contact us today.