The Federal Communications Commission has officially adopted Net Neutrality rules, creating  a firestorm across the Web.
Included in a statement released by the Chairman of the FCC lies the statement, “Although the Internet and Web generally thrive on lack of regulation, some basic values have to be legally preserved.”
This is what’s creating the firestorm. The idea that the last bastion of freedom from government rule has been taken. But even that’s not really true. The federal government has always claimed legal order over online transactions based on various things from server location, to citizen location to “because we want to.”
Now, FCC rulings are not the same as congressional ones. But, it’s a hint of what’s to come. After reading the statement it looks like, at best, the FCC will become a consumer advocacy group to help ensure that one may access all legal activity on the Internet through the same maximum data speed they’re paying for. But the best case scenario never seems to pan out, does it?