If it wasn’t clear before, Facebook is much more than just a social network. In fact, after reviewing the new data that Facebook has shared regarding their online activity between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it seems as though Facebook has become truly integrated with online e-commerce at large.
On Black Friday, users made 6x the number of status updates related to retail purchases as compared to the following Friday. Retailer referral traffic increased by 70% over this holiday period. 1/2 of the top 25 retail sites now have Facebook integration. And 17 of the fastest growing 25 retail sites.
Amazon. eBay. Levi’s. Sears. All integrated with the Facebook like button and other integrations.
Etsy. Yardellr. Bing. Kembrel. All creating completely new e-commerce experiences, built for Facebook and predicated on your social ties.