Since the dawn of time…the time spent on Facebook…people have wanted a dislike button. In fact, the official page for requesting a dislike button now has over 3.3 million likes. But, Facebook has continued to avoid this request, and they are actively trying to prevent app developers from including this functionality.
Why? Well, they want Facebook to be a positive place. A dislike button could theoretically be used properly. And could be used for comedy. But, it could also be used to hurt somebody’s feelings. Facebook could instantly become the instant bully platform. “Check out my new haircut!” (dislike)
There’s also some pragmatic reasons for not adding a dislike button. Let’s say you just watched a movie you don’t like. Wouldn’t it be nice to post your status update that says “Just watched Twilight…” and then thumbs down it? But here’s the problem. Do people thumbs up your post if they like your thumbs down? If there are 5 likes and 5 dislikes, should it show up as 0?
By Alisha Lowans