Aren’t there some days when it feels like computers are simply taking over the world? That they’re just so much smarter and reliable than humans, and that we should put them in charge of more stuff? I mean, Google has them driving cars for crying out loud!
But then you see the downfalls. Like, when Facebook keeps trying to get you socially connected with your ex.
See, here’s the problem. You and your ex are probably “tagged” together in a LOT of photos. You share a LOT of friends. And Facebook doesn’t understand why you’re not communicating anymore. So, like a nosy matchmaker, it keeps on recommending that you write on their wall, or shows you pictures of yourselves together in the “Photo Memories” box.
It’s horribly cruel. It’s by accident of course. And now, it’s officially over. Facebook’s Photo Memories will no longer show tagged photos of your friends if you were previously in a relationship with them. At least, if Facebook knew about the relationship through going “Facebook Official”.
It’s not perfect. But, it’s the best a computer can do…for now.