What’s the difference between Facebook and Twitter? Plenty. But, a big reason that Twitter is so entertaining is its ability to stalk celebrities. Not literally of course. But, on Twitter, you can “follow” people without them “friending” you. You can see anything they post on the online network. Whereas Facebook offers a higher level of, at least seemingly, privacy control. You can make it so that only “friends” you allow opt-in privileges to can see your updates, news and photos.
But that’s why Twitter is so fun. Because I’m not friends with Hollywood royalty. But Twitter lets me pretend like I’m a part of their life. Lets me connect with them.
And rumors are that Facebook may soon add this Facebook followers feature without giving up user privacy. Because what if you had two options? One to “follow” someone. And one to “friend” them. Then, honestly, Twitter’s #1 differentiation would be dead on the spot. Because I wouldn’t have to go to two places anymore.