Tiger Woods kept dozens of girls under wraps for years. But that’s nothing compared to the Internet under-cover feat that Facebook has just accomplished.
With Facebook Places, they kept this gigantic GPS check-in application almost completely off the radar. Which many companies are able to do. But not after letting so many employees know about it. Because it turns out that Facebook’s headquarters had more than 7,000 check-ins over the past 6 months. Suffice to say, a lot of their employees knew about it. And didn’t say a word.
Now, Facebook didn’t keep Facebook Places a complete secret. Industry insiders spotted some early code on the touch.facebook.com site months ago. And most people knew that something like this was coming from them. But, with a company the size of Facebook, it’s almost bizarre. 1,500 employees. No employee leaks about the app. No leaks about the page.
If when the “Google Me” social network comes out, it turns out that all of Google’s employees have been playing on it for months, that’s the only thing I can imagine topping this digital secrecy.