It’s official. Facebook has launched their very own GPS check-in service called Facebook Places. And they surprised us once again.
Here at Windy City Strategies, we had been predicting that this launch would kill current market leader FourSquare overnight. But, representatives from FourSquare were at the news release yesterday when Facebook announced their new “location-based service” product.
Currently only available for the iPhone, but soon to be available for other smartphone devices, you can simply log-in to your Facebook app and click the new “Check-In” button under “Places”. Then, using your phone’s GPS technology, Facebook will let you know what registered “places” are nearby for you to check in to.
Here’s where the FourSquare friendship kicks in. Facebook has merged their rewards system with FourSquare’s. So FourSquare people don’t have to start over. Those 117 check-ins at the 7-11? They’re still good. Phew. All those slurpees aren’t a waste.
Now, the question is, how long will these rivals be able to play nice with each other? And how fast can sheer integration with the biggest social media network the world has ever seen tip this relatively niche technology?