Yesterday, we talked about Google Me, the long-rumored social network that still has yet to appear.
Let’s do the same thing with the long-rumored Facebook Phone. Because the same idea is possible here. With your Facebook phone and OS, you would always be logged-in. Your mobile browsing experience would be integrated with your friends, notifications, messages and video. Plus, your Facebook credit currency would allow you to instantly buy whatever virtual good you could imagine. Social overload and integration to the extreme. And again, this would give Facebook a crazy amount of information to work with.
Or does Facebook simply go the browser route as well? Well, it depends on what you think the future of browsing is? Is it the iPad? Is it the phone? Is it the laptop? Because the first two of those are very manufacturer-based. And could people start buying devices strictly for the proprietary integration?
So, here’s the question. Not IF Facebook is going to do this. But, do they have to before Google or Apple beat them to the punch?