Businesses realize that keeping connected to consumers is important to keep a good relationship. Public relations representatives have realized the utility of social media. It has an easy interface, reaches a large audience, and is usually free. Windy City Strategies suggest the following steps on Facebook to portray an accurate image of your business.
1. Follow the 50/30/20 Rule
50% should be news, 30% personality, and 20% business. Your website is used as a information resource, but you don’t want to bore your audience. The 70% of information should be polished with 30% of flair. This helps your business’s marketing strategy transcend to your audience.
2. Avoid Unnecessary Words
Don’t overflow your followers News Feeds with irrelevant information. Write posts that can be read quickly on by people on the go. Facebook Mobile is used more than its actual website, so quick updates are key. Be honest too, it’ll help capture your business’s image more naturally.
3. Timing is Everything
Post when people are likely to see it. Posts published between 8 p.m. and 7 a.m. tend to get more interaction because its generally a non-busy period. It also gives consumers the ability to read when they have time, or read the headline and keep a note to revisit it.
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