By the way, go see The Social Network. It’s awesome. And speaking of Facebook, they’re evolving once again.
It looks like Facebook has been experimenting with updates to its commenting plugin, including threaded comments, voting and more. Now, this could be huge for both on- and off-Facebook platforms. Specifically, the idea of using Facebook commenting as the social section of your blogs, sites and more.
The threaded commenting system would allow readers to see some additional info about the users, including their profile preview and comment count. But, the voting system could vastly improve the chronological system that Facebook currently utilizes. YouTube is a great example of an effective comment moderation system. A couple of comments with the most positive feedback (thumbs ups, which would obviously be “likes” on Facebook) move to the top, and the rest of the comments appear chronologically.
This simple democratic moderation of comments would be a vast improvement to Facebook’s system. And it looks like it’s coming soon. And the sooner third-party systems can incorporate this on their sites, the sooner Facebook has yet another connectivity explosion.