Ok, so do we have to start adding “Google +1 buttons” to all our sites? Well, maybe. Because, you’ve already added the Facebook “like” button on your pages, right? The Twitter “share” button? Or perhaps you simply use a toolbar widget that offers a plethora of social media actions for your users to take?
Fortunately, Google has tried to make it even easier on you. With a special Chrome extension installed, users can +1 sites, even without installing or embedding the button themselves. But, of course, that relies on a special user, and that’s probably not going to be the mainstream user (unless Google incorporates it into their ever-growing in popularity Chrome browser).
So, let’s focus on the top 10,000 Websites in terms of popularity. 10.8% have adopted the Facebook “like” button on their site. 2.1% have adopted the Twitter “share” button. And already, first month in, 4.5% of the the top websites have incorporated the Google +1 button. That’s remarkable. Perhaps they’re just siding with caution. Or perhaps they’re truly convinced of the mass power that Google + promises.