AllFacebook recently reported that Facebook is now testing a system that would show all “liked” news articles in its search results. This of course means all news articles that Facebook users have clicked the “like” button for, which shows up on their wall and is blasted to their personal network.
This could take Facebook one step closer to their goal of becoming the #1 Internet portal. Why? Because Facebook users would be able to search for real-time news and reviews, and instantly see the source’s popularity based on the total number of likes, and more importantly, the source’s popularity within their circle of friends. This being the number of their friends who liked that article.
And this very well could be the next generation of search. Not just finding business or news offerings that match your keyword search. But those that have your friend’s recommendations as well. It’s hard to imagine an online world where users turn to Facebook before Google for information. But this is the first step in that direction.