Facebook has launched a re-designed user profile page, and you can upgrade to it at any time.
What’s the difference? Not a whole lot. It’s mostly aesthetic. But there’s a new introduction at the top of your page that tells viewers where you live, where you work and where you went/go to school.
But it’s typically the photos that people are interested in. After all, we’re visual creatures. And your new profile now includes a row of your most recently tagged photos. To add to the visual interest, images have now replaced your “likes”. You may have noticed a few months back that the “favorites” you had in your profile, including books, movies and activities turned into “likes”. So if Good Will Hunting was listed in your favorite movies, you were automatically grandfathered in to “like” the Good Will Hunting page.
This new profile layout adds on to that, and provides guests with images of your favorite interests as well. So you can willingly upgrade now or Facebook will probably make you early next year.