For more than a decade, Rotten Tomatoes has been one of the most trusted resources for movie lovers – offering these cinema buffs an aggregate rating for each new release, made up of nationwide film critics. And now, Rotten Tomatoes is trying to add some social networking juice to their system.
Through their new partnership with Facebook, the movie review site will now be automatically personalized for the user if they are already logged into Facebook. You will see films your friends have “liked” prominently on the home page. You will also see personalized recommendations based on the films you’ve liked.
Rotten Tomatoes users will no longer only get to see recommendations and reviews from their favorite critics, but from their friends as well. As a movie fan, I’d like to see specific written reviews or some sort of star-rating from your social network. But, this is definitely just the beginning of how Facebook plans to utilize network recommendations to improve your online experience.