Investment bank Cowen and Company forecasts Facebook ad revenue in 2010 will exceed $1.6 billion. That combined with Facebook’s non-ad estimated revenue should bring Facebook’s overall sales to nearly $1.75 billion for the year.
A tidy sum. But that ad revenue is only half of the $3.2 billion Cowen and Company forecasts Facebook will make in 2011.
These are some big numbers. Google-scaring numbers. And probably why Google seems to be acquiring more and more social-friendly entities. So, what does this mean for a possible Facebook IPO? Well, it’s going to make investors desperate to get in on this action, that’s for sure.  And to think that this is only the beginning. That the vast majority of online advertisers are still solely utilizing PPC campaigns through Google. If more and more advertisers start hitting up the power of Facebook, who knows where the profit ceiling is for this company?