Do you want a new e-mail address? Well, if you’re signed up for Facebook you’re about to be able to get a e-mail address. But, don’t think it’s just about e-mail. Because CEO Mark Zuckerburg wants to make it clear that it’s not just that. It’s e-mail. Instant messaging. Texting. Across all your traditional e-mail channels and now including your social media connections.
It will incorporate Gmail’s technologically innovative threaded conversation history by group or individual. It will also prioritize your e-mail messages based on your social connections. Are you Facebook friends with the sender? Then, there’s a good chance you’re going to want to read this quickly, and the message will jump to the top of your “social inbox“.
All cool stuff. But here’s the big idea behind it. When you’re in Facebook and you want to send a message to someone, you don’t need to know their e-mail address. You send it to the person. That’s the new idea. We’ll see if it catches on.