Looking to gain more traffic to your ads? It’s time to consider expanding your list of keywords by adding variations of your best performing keywords. Keywords will increase your traffic, which in turn, will help your pay per click management campaign be more successful.
Here are a few helpful tips for expanding your keyword list:

  • Add product names, brand names you sell and model numbers that are specific to your business
  • Include plural and singular forms of keywords
  • Add common misspellings that users might search for
  • Try relevant variations and synonyms
  • Use Google to search for your keywords and check out the list “search related to:” at the bottom of the page. This will give you even more relevant keywords that aren’t in your list already.

Here’s an example on how you can expand a keyword:
Original keyword list:

  • chocolate gifts, chocolate gift, gift chocolates

Expanded keyword list:

  • chocolate gifts, chocolate gift, gift chocolates, chocolates gifts, chocolate gift basket, chocolate gifts online, chocolate gift sets.

Just these simple steps can make a huge improvement to your pay per click campaign management.