Microsoft Windows users in Europe with Internet Explorer as the default browsers will now have a variety of choices. You will see a browser “choice screen,” that was made to give users an effective and unbiased choice between the default and competing web browsers.
The European Commission is welcoming Microsoft’s rollout of web browser choice. The Commission said this move would create competition and allow consumers to benefit from technical developments and innovation with both the web browser market and other related markets like a web-based application.
“Web browsers are the gateway to the Internet. Giving consumers the possibility to switch or try a browser other than that included in Windows will bring more competition and innovation in this important area to the benefit of European internet users,” said Joaquin Almunia, Competition Commissioner.
“More competition between web browsers should also boost the use of open web standards which is critical for the further development of an open Internet.”
Now users can choose between 11 additional browsers, such as, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, which will be prominently displayed alongside Internet Explorer.
The European Commission said the “Choice Screen” browser would be displayed on over 100 million PCs between now and mid-May.