Whenever an individual or business makes a terrible mistake using social media, we at Windy City Strategies want to make sure we call it out, in order to help us all avoid similar social media gaffes in the future.
Last week, the Casey Anthony verdict sent the Twitterverse aflood with defiant shock. This sent the hashtag #notguilty to the top of the Twitter trending charts. And here’s where it all went wrong. It turns out the company handled to manage Entenmann’s Bakery’s social media efforts, Likeable Media, often tries to incorporate trending items the company’s tweets in order to try and get some traffic attention. So, they tweeted,

“Who’s #notguilty about eating all the tasty treats they want?!”

Pretty clever. And outrageously insensitive. That is, if you knew what was going on. Apparently, the individual in charge of Entenmann’s Twitter account didn’t. At least that’s what they claim.