Google Ad Extensions are great way to attract more attention through your online PPC advertising campaigns. These Google Ad Extensions allow business to show additional information through links on your Google AdWords ads and can be a powerful tools for a variety of effects, including increasing CTR, boosting conversion rate and decreasing CPA.
These 7 Extensions are:
1. Google Map Extension– Display Your Google Places / Google + page
2. Sitelink Extension- Add up to 4 additional links within your ad to specific pages on your website
3. Click-To Call Extension- A great mobile extension allowing searches to click your phone number in the ad
4. Offer Extension- Give your customers a coupon/deal/special promotion
5. Product Extension- Highlight specific products from your Google Merchant Center in your ad
6. Social Media Extension- Include your Google + page in your ad
7. App Extension- Allow searches to click the link in your ad & directly download your app
If your business is not utilizing the ad extensions provided by Google AdWords, contact Windy City Strategies today. As a certified Google AdWords company, our advanced knowledge and training has allowed us to use these extensions to their fullest potential.
By Alisha Lowans