Many Google SEO consultants will say that the main reason you can’t use certain keywords is due to competition for the same terms. Type in the word “cars” and 400,000,000 results will pop up.

Someone trying to see some car-related product or service won’t be able to compete with all the major manufacturers, dealerships, used car sellers, car buying services, car parts suppliers, and other products and services related to card that are marketing online. It can’t happen.

The best way to effective keyword advertising is finding search terms that will make you stand out from other related industries and your competitors. Too many marketers make the mistake of fighting a bidding war over the most generic keywords that are too common with a lot of different industries. This results to paying too much and getting diluted results. With broad terms, you won’t always get the most qualified buyers to the bidder’s Web site.

Choosing the right keywords is extremely important to a successful Internet marketing campaign. Keyword tools can help make suggestions for keywords that are used more often. According to Internet advertising firm, DoubleClick, Inc, “one out of every two online purchases is preceded by research on a search engine” and “nearly three out of four travel buyers consulted search engines before making a purchase.” This will mean more than half of all online purchasing decisions that were made after conducting a search for a desired product or service.

Web site owners now using Search Engine Marketing and not using search engine friendly web designs are like a “brick-and-mortar” storeowner who slams the door in the face of every customer who approaches. Any marketer will say that this isn’t the best or smartest way of operating a business.