“You can’t ignore the opportunity to reach 500 million people.”
I feel that unfortunately, some social media experts are going to start misusing that line I’ve heard so much since Facebook announced they had reached a half billion users.
Because honestly, sometimes your business doesn’t make perfect sense for Facebook integration. Case in point, the latest business that just jumped on the bandwagon. eBay. They announced that the addition of Facebook “Like” buttons represent a good way to increase sales. In fact, you may have already noticed a “Like” button attached to one of eBay’s Daily Deals or its Fashion Vault.
Now, eBay is absolutely right. The Facebook “Like” button is a great way for seller’s to advertise their listings. But here’s the problem. What bidder in their right mind would click on it? Your goal as a bidder is to keep as much competition away from you as possible. To hide the auction. Not shine a flashlight on it.
Sellers will like this addition. But it may be the very thing that makes eBay buyers seek out a niche alternative, where they can find real deals that others simply don’t know about.