Domino’s has been pulling out all the stops lately. From completely updating their recipe after decades of the same admittedly bad pizza, they’ve been playing the boldest advertising game I’ve seen a pizza company pull out.
That trend continues with Domino’s latest Times Square stunt. Dominos Pizza has decided to run an electronic ticker on a 4,630 sq. ft. billboard in Times Square to display, in real-time, what consumers think of the brand. These comments will be filtered for bad language and appropriateness, but apparently, not for sentiment. The real question is, what does Domino’s find appropriate? After all, if they start filtering these social media comments to make themselves look better, do they make themselves look worse if it comes out?
But, I’ll be honest. I love the radically honest approach. But, we’re in Chicago. Anyone choosing Domin0’s here is completely out of their mind.