Google was the answer to all of our problems. A veritable fount of information. Everything we could ever want and more. And we all came. Do you know who else came? Get rich quick ambulance chasers. And now, there is a whole lot of garbage, clutter, spam content on Google, developed solely for the purpose of being a medium to ad  or product commission revenue. And Google has been tainted.
Now, Google has a vested interest in helping users get the content they value most. So, Google will continue adjusting its algorithms to alleviate this problem. But spammers will always be there. Where aren’t they? Well, Blekko for instance. It’s a new technology, so spammers aren’t there yet (because people aren’t there yet).
Blekko helps you create personalized search indices according to your own criteria. And there are also advanced filtering options based on page creation date, unlike Google’s ability to sort by page indexing date. So, some of the tech guys are going to Blekko. But if we all follow them, so will the spammers.