As Google has been looking to clean up their search results lately, we’ve been talking a lot about content farms. But if you’re new here, let me explain the concept for you. The idea is that Google loves content. And entrepreneurs know that. So the best way to get an audience for their product is to show up high in search results. But if they’re in a market that’s hard to dominate, it might just be easier to pick your product based on where you can rank first.
Content farms are doing just that. Utilizing keyword-rich content to bolster their traffic, and then simply monetizing that traffic through Google AdSense ads or by selling affiliate products. Since Google wants to deliver the best possible search results to their customers, they have a vested interest in making sure that these content farms actually deliver compelling content, and not just search engine optimized drivel.
But these content farms still require a lot of people. To write the content. And to make it sound natural – not just keyword-stuffed spam.  The question is, has technology gotten to a point where humans are no longer required for this task?
Because Narrative Science claims to be able to automate content through computer algorithms. It pulls content from other sources, and regurgitates it in a unique way. And for most of these content farms looking for the quick revenue stream and not the long-term satisified customer, this might be enough?
But if Google’s cracking down on human-created content, I can’t imagine how fast they’ll red-flag the autobot’s.