Due to COVID-19, small businesses are looking for marketing tips that could help them gain exposure, increase revenue, and boost their online presence. With the current lack of physical options and hugely reliant on technology, digital marketing has become the ideal route for small businesses.

For businesses that still experience downtime due to the raging pandemic, they can use this opportunity to figure out what works with their marketing strategy and channels. Remember, this is a chaotic time in history, and digital marketing is the only thing that can save businesses from massive loss.

Here are some digital marketing tips that will help your business gain more brand exposure, revenue, and customers.

  1. Build A Strong Social Media Presence

Having a strong social media presence has never been a futile effort. And due to the pandemic currently unsettling the world, it has become one of the top channels businesses use to reach their customers and maintain their relationships.

According to The Manifest, 88% of businesses have invested in social media, and the number is speculated even to rise. Virtually anyone with an internet-enabled phone is on social media, which presents an excellent opportunity for businesses.

  1. Using Email Marketing

In 2020, about 54% of businesses used email marketing as part of their digital marketing strategy, and more seem to join due to the evolving business atmosphere. Business leaders believe that email marketing facilitates customer retention, making it an incredible marketing opportunity for small businesses.

However, what works best when it comes to email marketing is personalized emails, and Netflix seems to be the company that understands that technique so well. By tailoring your emails to meet your users’ needs specifically, your business will record a high email open rate, clicks, and purchases.

  1. Use Video Marketing

About 32% of small businesses are looking to invest in video marketing, proving that video marketing is the next big thing. Video platforms like YouTube and TikTok are already exploding, and businesses are using these video-sharing platforms to market their products and services.

By creating stunning videos for your business, you have the potential to reach a wide range of your target market without any hassles. You don’t need to spend your life savings, as creating a homemade video is possible even on a lean budget.

  1. Print Marketing

Yes, the world is going digital; that doesn’t mean there isn’t a print marketing space. About two-thirds of small businesses still use print marketing as one of their marketing strategies, and the result is mind-blowing when executed properly.

It includes direct mail, flyers, and banners. There are many print media avenues, and a small space in a local newspaper can do wonders. Through other means like business cards, flyers and banners, small businesses can reach their local audience, especially those with no access to the internet.


Digital marketing is the future, and it will continue to grow till Infinitum. As a small business, using marketing strategies that suit your business and spills more results should be used often for effective marketing.

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