Digg has launched new extensions for the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers. “A month ago, we announced new capabilities that let developers create writable applications with the Digg API,” says Dig’s Chris Howard. “We decided to put this to work ourselves and update our original Firefox Extension and also create a new Google Chrome extension at the same time. In both cases, you can now Digg stories as you browse the web, without having to come back to the Digg site each time.”

The Chrome extension will include the Digg count for any URL. It will display to the right of the browser’s address bar, users can click it to see the title and comment count for that URL, as well as the button to “Digg” it.

There’s more to this with the Firefox extension. It improves upon the existing Firefox extension. Digg has moved the Digg count and button to the navigation bar so that the toolbar doesn’t have to open for users to Digg stories. The toolbar itself is smaller and added a keyboard shortcut functionality to make it easier to show and hide it. “This makes it really simple to check out the Digg story details for a URL and then close it when you’re done,” says Howard.