There has always been a fight between urban living and the delivery industry that allows for urban living. In terms of reducing energy and urban congestion caused specifically by the small-package delivery companies.
Well, talk about being creative during challenging economic times. Delivery service DHL is testing a program called bring.BUDDY that will recruit urban livers to deliver packages along the public transportation routes they take each day.
Those interested would be able to indicate their daily travel route using a mobile app, and the individual would receive a text message letting them know about a potential local delivery for the upcoming day. The user could then accept and pick up the package from their local kiosk and deliver it via commute. The program would reward the individual with free public transportation tickets, merchandise coupons, CO2 credits and more.
It will be curious to see how much individuals end up participating simply for the sake of helping the environment. Or if the payouts DHL will need to offer end up simply not being worth it to them.