It turns out that early rumors of Delicious’ death are slightly exaggerated. Where did these rumors come from? A leaked powerpoint slide from an internal meeting at Yahoo, which owns Delicious.
And people freaked out. Those who have been utilizing Delicious’ social bookmarking functionality for years feared they were going to lose their entire history. Now it looks like that won’t happen. Although, a new blog post from Delicious does admit that its future home will likely be outside of Yahoo itself.
Yahoo keeps on giving bad news, after a recent let go of 4% of the company. The bad news for Delicious? When users flocked to Twitter and Facebook to sulk en masse, they found some alternative recommendations. Specifically Pinboard, which integrates with Google Reader, Instapaper and Twitter.
And if they’re hoping to sell Delicious at a good price, that leaked memo which may have flocked its users to an alternative may be Yahoo’s worst news yet.